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Media access is a key element in spreading the Viral Buzz - "Santa & his Sleigh are in Singapore ?" Many books have been written exploring the question of how to promote your business through the media. Today, with the internet and social media along with newsprint and television, it is fairly easy to reach the maximum share of the population.

The following outline shows areas and events that can generate public interest and it is to the client's advantage to exploit each one of them. As an agent to Santa your connection to the media has it's place in promoting your business. And, your simple guidance in helping the client help the corporation through these simple actions will add to your importance and additional future work.

SantaGregg and Takashimaya Concept Article NEWSPAPERS / MAGAZINES


SantaGregg Woodmizer Award Article SantaGregg Decatur Daily Article

  DATELINE SINGAPORE: A strange craft entered the port today and was rapidly unloaded. Sources stated they thought it was some sort of sleigh. A bearded gentleman in red watched as the cargo was loaded on to a truck to be delivered to "ION Orchard Mall". Read the story tonight or watch News 5 at SEVEN.

  • Unloading the sleigh at the port of entry
  • Transporting the sleigh through city streets
  • Reported traffic delays! Due to public staring while driving
  • Parade coverages
  • Tree lighting ceremonies
  • Christmas season kick-off
  • Other public events
  • SantaGregg offers support & praise for your Christmas preparations
  • Promote, Promote - and "always stay in the reporters' ear"


    Television news stories are very similar to newsprint except the camera focus is directed to the subject. This focus can be good or bad depending on the professional nature of the person being interviewed. As a spokesman for your client, SantaGregg, while being interviewed, will use your client's name as often as possible. SantaGregg knows that many times, by suggesting a story line, it will allow the reporter to expand the subject offering a more in depth interview. Thus, SantaGregg can very effectively support and praise your Christmas efforts.

    INTERVIEWS IN THE SLEIGH - SantaGregg's professionalism and well versed personality as well as his insightful knowledge-base can contribute and advance the conversation on a variety of subjects allowing for a news worthy TV appearance that can attract viewers and raise publicity.
    SantaGregg Interview on the Sleigh, Huntsville, AL SantaGregg Interview on the Sleigh, Huntsville, AL SantaGregg Interview on the Sleigh, Huntsville, AL

    INTERVIEWS IN THE STUDIO - SantaGregg is very comfortable in television studio settings. Interviews or even stepping in with the weather person are second nature to SantaGregg. Rest assured, SantaGregg will not spare any opportunity to thank his sponsors - your agency and the retail client for their support while he is in your city or country.
    SantaGregg Interview in the Studio, Huntsville, AL SantaGregg Interview in the Studio, Huntsville, AL SantaGregg Interview in the Studio, Huntsville, AL

    STUDIO OR ON-LOCATION PRODUCTIONS - Promotions for tenant sales events or public announcements are often shot on location and Santa can be a member of the team. Santa is very comfortable working with TV and production crews.
    SantaGregg Studio Promo Spot, Huntsville, AL SantaGregg Studio Promo Spot, Huntsville, AL

    SantaGregg Santa Chat SantaGregg Chat with Santa
    PROMOTIONAL SANTA CHATS - Production costs are normally paid by sponsors (specific tenants of the mall or shopping center, retail stores, etc.). The payback to sponsors can be one special FREE photo shoot at their location. Click here for videos of past Santa Chats. Available time frames are:
    • 15-minute mini chat. Sessions increase in number closer to Christmas.

    • 25-minute weekend chat.

    • 45-minute chat, Dec 20th - "Santa's Birthday Chat".

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